Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Day My Sister Set a Wedding Date.

My sister, like me, put the cart before the horse.  Met a boy, fell in love, moved in together, got engaged, and then had babies.  Actually getting married was put on the back burner; two kids, a house and careers saw to that.  

Now, imagine my excitement when she called me and said that they had actually set a date!  I love weddings, I'm a terminal wedding-cryer - the thought of two people publicly pledging their love (and saying all the soppy love and commitment stuff) reduces me to an emotional wreck.  The fact that I would be that wreck at my sister's wedding was almost too much excitement to contain.  I started imagining it with gusto (and pre-crying, I kid you not).

Being a good sister, and inappropriately involved in others' lives, I asked if there was anything I could do for her.  "Well", she said "could you make the cake?".  Could I make the cake? Of course I could make the cake!  Wholeheartedly I agreed to make a wedding cake, for a wedding, that people would be able to look at and taste and comment on.

I started imagining how I would make a cake that would send all the other cakes into a spiral of jealousy.  The best, most beautiful, cake in the whole entire world.  A cake fitting of my beautiful sister on her most magical day!

Then I remembered that the only cakes I have made were for my children's Birthday parties...and they looked like this:

This is a carousel.  Yes, that horse's legs are broken (you can see them down in front of the "cake" there).  Yes, this took me a long time to make - my time spent : results ratio was well disappointing.  We didn't actually end up eating this cake, we had the chocolate caramel cheesecake I made instead.  It was awesome.  (And yes, that is a foil-wrapped chopping board...) 

This is perhaps the best of my cake-making abilities.  A pink square that is almost, but not entirely, covered in icing.  It tasted fantastic - as chocolate cakes do - but looks like...well...a pink square that is almost, but not entirely, covered in icing...

This cake is a pinata (I don't know how to do the squiggly thingy above the 'n', let's pretend I have though).  Under the chocolate shell - that took about 5 hours and 15 re-melts - is a two-tier pink and purple monstrosity with chocolate coins in the top.  And yes, that is a foil-wrapped plate... (The plate was a giant melamine one that I had melted in the dishwasher once so it rocked slightly.)

So, at this stage I have promised my sister a wedding cake.  A wedding cake.  For an actual wedding! 

Luckily my Sister set the date well before her wedding, I can't exactly remember how long before - perhaps a year or a year and a half - so I had this unflappable confidence that I would surely become the world's best cake maker in this time.

Let's see how that goes...

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  1. Great blog! I'll be waiting for your next exciting episode!!