Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Day I Realised the Terrifying Truth.

Events occured on Friday, August 27 2010.

After learning of the wedding and the cake it is time to start practicing.  I had decided by this stage to make a buttercream cake: a. because I like the taste of buttercream; b. I didn't have any ingredients for fondant; and c. I never was any good with playdough (also I can draw well and write fairly legibly). 

After completely declining to look at a recipe (or Youtube, or Google, or ask anyone...) I flew into my first decorating foray with great enthusiasm.

This is the actual email that I sent my poor sister, who - to her credit - didn't just say "nevermind, I didn't really want a cake anyway..."

Warning: I actually feel a strange, almost physically painful, embarrassed sickness posting this.  However, since this is called 'The Evolution of Cake' and not 'Hey, Look At My Cool Cake', in the interest of honesty here it is...

Note: some comentary and editing in red, in case I offend anyone.

Subject: Cakety cake cake
So... I made a batch of buttercream and found my decorating stuff - oh only one piping bag. Fine, it's just a practice, I'll just use one  
colour (sorry about the gross puce colour - with hindsight that wasn't a good choice). 
Right! We've got our cake and our piping bag, let's make some roses...(I hear they are popular at weddings...) WHAT!? I have a set of 10 fudging piping tips and not one of them is 
for flowers of any kind!? Not a problem; this basketweave (WTF!) tip will do...
Anyway... first attempt at anything even close to that, and so far I'd
say that all signs point to promising.  (I was trying to inject myself with confidence, and being only a little sardonic...)
Photos to follow


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Please pay extra special attention to the nice edges, and the way that I still had a problem with my icing almost, but not entirely, covering my cake. 

Next cake opportunity: My niece's someteenth Birthday (14th I think). 

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